eMMC disk support

Hello. I have a Acer laptop that is a few years old, that uses eMMC flash as a hard drive. Does anyone know if the eMMC support is integrated into the nightly builds yet, as Haiku does not see the drive when it is booted.

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No, it isn’t.

Well its sort of the same thing as an SD card… using the 8 bit parallel interface so, if it isn’t supported now it probably could be once the SD card controller driver is finished. Note eMMC doesn’t have the SPI interface at all. I would imagine the controller in that laptop hangs off the PCI bus…

If you posted a syslog, and the ouput of listdev and listusb it might help us gauge on the difficulty of supporting it in your specific case.

During GSOC2018, I believe someone was working on an SDHCI MMC driver but I don’t think compiling a version with that enabled will work with eMMC hard drives since it seemed to have crashed from on the first build of the driver.

Yes that is what I was referring to.

USB List
System Log
Device List
Here are copies of the system logs and outputs from the those commands. The BUFFALO device on the USB bus is a flash drive. If anyone needs any help, I can try to assist. I’m slowly learning how the different systems work in the operating system together.

It’s and SDHCI controller… so won’t work until the driver is finished.

EMMC support would be awesome! I have many tiny PC’s about the size of a Raspberry Pi that seem to run Haiku great off of USB, but can’t handle a native install because of the EMMC.

We technically have some early mmc support thanks to @krish_iyer via our last GSOC.



Not sure if it is included in the images yet, or it’s current state.

It is not included in the images. It appears it can detect MMC devices and then does nothing with them. How very useful…

It’s a great start… and the code looks pretty clean.

I have a laptop with an SDHCI port in it that might run Haiku natively… i’ll see if it can be used to help enhance things. The current bus is sdhci over pci. It would be interesting to also add fdt support

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Awesome, sounds like things are moving quicker than I expected!