eMMC Disk problem and Touchpad


I have a working live usb of Haiku beta.
Only have a couple of issues:

  1. I cant install Haiku to the internal EMMC Disk.
  2. The touchpad doesn’t work. So I have to use a USB mouse.

I’m using a new Lenovo Ideapad netbook.

So my question is does anyone have any workarounds?


Haiku doesn’t support EMMC yet. There is a work in progress SDHCI driver that may work but it isn’t done.

Yeah, I’m waiting for this, too. If either of the network devices start working it’ll be nice to install Haiku onto the 32GB eMMC that’s built in. It’s way too small for Windows 10.

Thanks @cb88 - Great to hear its on the way - Any idea how long it will take for the driver? Months? Years?

Yeah @MrEntropy - I been messing with the beta for two days now. It completely blew my mind! Haiku is the best project out there. Cant wait for the driver.

BTW, the other question about the touchpad not working? Anyone any clues?

I wish I knew about the touchpad, but I don’t.

The SDHCI driver, if I remember right, was a GSoC project. I don’t know if anyone is still working on it or if it’s off in limbo.

Dunno… haven’t seen anyone working on it.

As far as your touchpad, make sure you don’t have it disabled with the media key for that, and then post your /var/log/syslog perhaps there will be some indication in there.

note I have several lenovo’s with touchpads that if you touch them during boot they hang, if you wait untill the desktop loads they work fine after that.

It’s in limbo at present, indeed…

For now I’m using Haiku in a VM instead of on my netbook. Works perfectly!

I will have to get back to you with the syslog later.

Thanks for the info guys!

I have one of those Ideapads with only EMMC storage (ideapad 120s) and I’ve had problems with the trackpad on Haiku too. I think it’s something to do with it being on the SPI bus (or was it i2c? I can’t remember) rather than USB or PS2.
I had the same problem with the BSDs too.


I’m new here. What is the status on these issues? As I have them on a surplus HP Stream 13 that I’d really like to run Haiku on bare metal with minimal dongles. I can also help with testing issuing this kit. Used to be involved with the Zaurus community from way back.

There are still a few MMC patches that haven’t been merged yet https://review.haiku-os.org/q/status:open+mmc.

I worked a bit on the driver and got it to load and detect MMC cards. I did not get much further than that, yet, so there is still some work left to be done: setting up the plumbing between the bus and card drivers so the card drivers can send commands to the card, implementing the minimal set of commands to actually read and write data to the card, and then adding DMA so things run at a good speed without overloading the CPU.

So, I’d say there isn’t very much to test yet, all you could get so far (after getting the patches mentionned above) is cheking that the card is visible in Devices preferences and that the correct info is reported there.

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