Elementary OS-like theme

Hi everyone,

is it reasonable to expect that in the future an Elementary OS-like theme could be created for Haiku, reproducing that very beautiful Mac OS look and feel?
Is it even possible to accomplish this in Haiku?
It’s not that I don’t like Haiku’s native UI, but the Elementary OS UI is certainly more beautiful.



If you would motivate me enough :slight_smile: I will try to put more effort into releasing my Dock:


Actually there is a ThemeManager application, but it currently handles what’s settable as a user (system colors, wallpaper, fonts), and needs some fixing anyway. It can also switch the decorator, provided they are installed.

It should be possible to add ControlLook switching as well, but for now there’s only one ControlLook implementation. Long ago I experimented with libbe patching in BeOS but it was quite ugly in comparison :stuck_out_tongue:

Theming in Haiku is done by writing C++ code. We have gathered all the drawing code in two places: the decorators, which handle window borders, and the control look, which handles everything else. The decorators are add-ons and can be easily replaced. It is not yet the case for the control look, but that would require only minor changes.

Most of the developers agree that the current style is fine: we don't want to copy another OS, unless it is BeOS ;). So, a more OSX-like theme could be done by other people and made available as a package. There is also the problem of making sure that all apps look correct. Having a single theme, and a stable one, makes this much easier for developers. Otherwise they would have to test and debug their app with all the available themes.

Are there any references on how to create themes? I’d love to but I don’t know where to start and I cant find any files belonging to the default decorator to work off of.

look here for Decorator info: