Eiffel on Haiku


I’m one of the lead of the EiffelStudio development platform (http://www.eiffel.com, http://dev.eiffel.com and http://eiffelstudio.origo.ethz.ch) and could not resist to try compiling our Eiffel compiler on Haiku. I’m pleased to report that I was quickly able to make it work with a few tweaks.

Have a look at my blog entry here for more details:

If anyone is interested in contributing, let me know.


Hi Emmanuel,

This is very interesting. May I suggest that you sign up to the [haiku-development] list here…


…and send a message there? That’s where all the devs hang out, and where you are more likely to get a response, and hopefully people interested in contributing.

Good luck!

Oh wow :slight_smile:

You actually can generate a Haiku image with native development tools (and headers) already on it - this will prevent you from having to install the BeOS versions.

For native Haiku development, this would definitely be the best decision. Unfortunately there are no official images yet with these included - and you either must download a 3rd party release from haikuware.com or create your own image with the optional “Development” package.

I’ll definitely give a try to the Senryu Developer Edition Vmware Image and compare it with the setup I manually built. Hopefully they are not much different.