Editing the Deskbar logo

I’ve been poking around trying to see how things work in Haiku.

Currently, I’ve been looking at how to replace the default deskbar logo (raises shields to deflect incoming arrows from devels)

I’ve opened Deskbar with QuickRes, and can copy an image to the kBeLogoBits resource, but it will only show in the Deskbar if it is an ‘Archived Bitmap’

How do I import it in this format?


You will need the Haiku Source and the Buildtools.
Search ‘How to build Haiku’ on google to get the source code and the build tools.
And you’ll need one of these OS’s to build it:
-BeOs 5
To change that logo, go to the source code and goto data/artwork.
In there you should see "HAIKU Logo - deskbar"
add a .png extension to it and now you’ll need BeOs or Haiku.
Open up the “HAIKU LOGO - deskbar.png” in wonderbrush. Edit it then save,
remove the .png from it when saved, build it and done.

Long Process just to do something so little, eh?

I have not tested but fairly sure that is wrong.

The logo is an rdef file and you would use icon-o-matic to create it. I believe this is it here:

Create new rdef file, swap with old and compile deskbar. I don’t think you can change out the leaf image otherwise (by copying another image in with Quickres).

BeOS deskbar used png (or jpg?) and you could use Quickres to copy different image into deskbar.

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