Editing Bootloader

I like the bootloader interface but it only works on win 10 and haiku the two linux distros are choices but wont boot them. How do you edit it to get the right path to the linux distros?

Our bootloader is a sinple chainloading one. This means it can only load the partition boot record and start that. This is not how Linux is usually setup: they have grub as a bootloader, which will then directly load and start the kernel.

So, you would need a bootloader inside your Linux partition (can be grub), and use our menu to chainload that. You may be able to configure grub in that setup so that it’s mostly invisible (no menu, no timeout).

Haiku BootManager can boot any version of windoze starting from xp up to 10, i don’t know how win10 boots, but 7 and 8 have a dedicated boot partition of 100 up to 300 MB, that’s the one you should chainload to BootManager and not the C:\ system one.

Iirc you can choice between installing the bototloader of linux on the disk or bootsector, so you neet to install them on harddisk and then you can start it using the haiku bootmenu.

Long time gone sience i use linux

Thanks for the suggestions, I ended up using supergrub2 to access my linux distro then edited custom_40 with haiku chainloaded. I now have access to Win 7, puppy, debian and haiku. FYI, I have found qupzilla the most stable browser on Haiku. The native one seems to crash or freeze after about half hour surfing or clicking you tube links. I have had no problems at all with qupzilla. (in case anyone else has browser issues).