Edit default columns/attributes in Tracker

Recently I installed Haiku on my machine and have found a problem with the Tracker/Standard File Manager.
By default, it uses “name” column, which is not the same as “real name”. For example, I run Haiku with Russian language and instead of ~/mail/spam I get ~/mail/Спам.
In “Attributes” tab of Tracker I can choose to show “real name” for a directory I’m in, but it doesn’t change the preferred name for other directories.
Is there a way to chance default attributes shown in the Tracker’s columns?

Welcome Evseev!

Which attibutes are displayed is stored for each folder in its attribute _trk/columns_le. New folders inherit the settings of their parent.

There’s no easy way to change the displayed attributes for all folders in the system. If you’re familiar with scripting, you could create a script that copies the _trk/columns_le using the command copyattr.

If it’s only a few folders, you can use the “Copy/Paste attributes” from the Attributes menu of the Tracker window.

The read-only folders coming from packages cannot be changed in that way. Or at least, the change won’t survive a reboot.

@all, I got a related question:

There’s the folder /boot/home/config/settings/Tracker/DefaultFolderTemplate which size & attribute columns is supposed to be used for newly created folders.
OTOH, as I wrote above, new folders inherit the size & attribute columns from their parent folder.

These two approaches cannot both be true. :slight_smile:
Am I missing something or was the DefaultFolderTemplate route abandonned?

A simpler way to disable this is to uncheck “Translate folder and application names” in Locale preferences (it also changes the name of applications in DeskBar, however).

Thanks for information. I’m probably going to write a simple recursive shell script for this right now.

Thank you also. This should help me with RO directories.

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Oops. It looks like I misunderstand the question. If all you want are the original English app and folder names in an otherwise localized system, PulkoMandy’s advice to change the formatting setting in the Locale prefs is indeed the right way.

My question WRT DefaultFolderTemplate still stands though. :slight_smile:

To probably answer my own question:
It appears DefaultFolderTemplate is only used for 2 things (see this code search):

  1. When creating a new folder, as a fallback if the parent folder didn’t have their attributes, columns etc. set up, which shouldn’t be the case normally.

  2. To set a background image for all folders that don’t have one set individually already. This is only seen in “(Mini) Icon mode”.

Doesn’t strike me as particularly useful…