Edit bootloader options

Is there a way to edit bootloader options in Haiku? Like is there a file for it?

I’d like to set one of the safe mode options on by default (specifically the “Video mode” option - something like that - so it uses I don’t know - generic driver and not use an absent driver - if I am correct).

Press Space bar during start up (before the bootloader)

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Thanks for the help; will try.

As lelldorin says, hold down Space. You have to be sort of really quick about it. Or try holding down SHIFT while booting.

If that works for you and you can get in, you can make the change permanent. The easy way is to edit /boot/home/config/settings/kernel/drivers/kernel. The video setting is right at the bottom. You may need to chmod +w that file before you can edit it.

The more complicated way is to blacklist the package containing the driver.


Unless you are editing video or doing huge graphics files, Haiku’s VESA driver is quite satisfactory and very stable. I run VESA on all my installations, it is just easier to live with.

After making the above changes to “kernel,” I see that “input Not Supported” in all workspaces but the first one. Is there a way to correct this?


Try setting a resolution for “All workspaces” in the Screen preferences.

That doesn’t work for me. Maybe I can’t use Workspaces with the Vesa driver.

Vesa can handle multi screen?

Thank you. I thought so too, so I reset my Workspaces again, rebooted and now it’s working. Not sure why it wasn’t working before.

workspaces should work just fine. The problem you can get is that some of your workspaces are using a resolution your display does not handle. Usually resetting the screen mode for “all workspaces” should fix this, but if it doesn’t, deleting the workspace settings and creating them anew will work for sure.