Easy way to change to custom screen resolutions?

I have a netbook with VMWare player running Haiku Alpha.

Is there an easy way to add custom screen resolutions to the default resolutions on the Screen setup through some config file with no re-compilation involved?


No. The video modes are determined based on the driver, likely VESA in your case, and what modes are supported by the VESA BIOS of your video card.

Silly question, but have you tried accessing the Deskbar/Preferences/Screen applet?


Sure, that’s what I’m talking about. Besides those preference defaults, how can I create a custom resolution?

Since a lot of people are using either Virtual Box or the free VMWare Player to run Haiku, I was at first hoping that resizing the main window would have automatically adjusted what Haiku perceived as new Desktop screen size. Currently, none of the default sizes match up with a full-screen size for a netbook (where I have Haiku running inside VMWare Player.

Funny, I thought that there’s been a VMWare-aware graphics driver for Haiku for some time now. Perhaps that’s my problem and I need to make that driver Haiku uses rather than the standard VESA driver?

Thanks for the follow-up.