Dying Dell machine, new laptop recs for Haiku?

So, I just got the bug this morning to boot up Haiku on the old Dell laptop I have, but alas, I would be denied. It won’t even boot past the first screen, and doesn’t accept F2 or F12, either for the system menu or choosing a boot device.

I am disinclined to try to fix it, so I am looking for any solid recommendations for laptops entirely supported by Haiku, or at least mostly. I don’t have to have wifi, but a supported ethernet chip would be great.

I have had good experience with 2008-2010 era Macbooks, especially the Pro. Wifi works, ethernet works, and the system is quite quick with a solid state drive. I believe I had to install OSS for sound and may have still had issues, but I haven’t used the computer much since beta3 so things may have improved on that front.

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Haiku usually works well on old Thinkpads. In the past I have used it on a T61 and a T430, and today I put the 32bit version on a T42. It works surprisingly well

For reasons I don’t understand, Web+ seems to work better on the T42 than it does on my X230. However, the T42 is hard-wired, while the X230 is using its fairly ancient wifi card. That might be the reason.

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Thinkpads generally seem to work great, my main (Haiku)-Machine is a T430, but it also runs on an X1 Carbon with i7-6600U, my FujitsU T935 , (but no no touchscreen support), my T460s