DVDRip Query

Did DVDRip ever get migrated to Haiku?

I do not see it inHaiku Depot (64-bit) and it was very dependable on ripping most DVDs. Still use it with new DVDs (since I use it in Zeta 1.51) today with Handbrake to convert my DVDs into mp4s.

I tried using dvdbackup to rip a DVD and it crashed into KDL. So, this probably the wrong utility as its purpose to to backuip and not rip anyway.

DVDRip ripped the same DVD with no issues.

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Well, that’s definitely a bug! Please open a ticket.

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HaikuDepot only hosts software that can be built from source. Do you have sourcecode for that DVDRip tool?

We also ship binaries only, like the wine build. So that doesn’t seem entirely true?

Well ok it is a bit more complicated, there are a few exceptions but we need to be able to offer some maintenance and have a licence that allows us to redistribute the software.

Let me investigate that.