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Did DVDRip ever get migrated to Haiku?

I do not see it inHaiku Depot (64-bit) and it was very dependable on ripping most DVDs. Still use it with new DVDs (since I use it in Zeta 1.51) today with Handbrake to convert my DVDs into mp4s.

I tried using dvdbackup to rip a DVD and it crashed into KDL. So, this probably the wrong utility as its purpose to to backuip and not rip anyway.

DVDRip ripped the same DVD with no issues.

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Well, that’s definitely a bug! Please open a ticket.

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HaikuDepot only hosts software that can be built from source. Do you have sourcecode for that DVDRip tool?

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We also ship binaries only, like the wine build. So that doesn’t seem entirely true?

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Well ok it is a bit more complicated, there are a few exceptions but we need to be able to offer some maintenance and have a licence that allows us to redistribute the software.

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Let me investigate that.

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I located the source code. You can downloaded it via BeShare and search for ‘DVDRip-1.0-src.zip’. I could not locate version 1.1, which is what I use in ZetaOS currently.

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DVDRip 1.0 compiles and runs on Haiku (x86_64). You have to install the libdvdread_devel and libdvdcss_devel packages as before you try to compile it. After that, a simple ‘make’ will compile the program. I have no idea whether the program actually works (ripping dvds) or not, I compiled it in a VM and was too lazy to configure pass-through for my optical drive :wink:

Now it would of course be great if we had the sources to the latest version.

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Update: I did a quick test run on my physical Haiku machine. DVD is detected (title, chapters) but ripping to file fails with something like “couldn’t read block xxxxx”. Will do some further testing and report some more details about the error.

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I installed the libdvdread_devel and libdvdcss_devel packages as you stated above. Using Paladin, I imported the project and attempted to ‘Build’->‘Run’ and it failed with a long list of items in the error window. I guess you are set up for development, where my stock installation is not.

Since this program is dated circa mid 2000’s…it may not be able to read the newer DVDs with more recent encryption schemes (e.g. corrupted sector insertions, erroneous disc navigation with corrupted data, and list goes on). For older DVDs or current DVDs with older encryption schemes–it usually works.

It’s hit-or-miss with DVDs. I know DVDs produced by Disney and Sony use nastier encryption schemes. In those cases, I use DVDFab to rip my purchased DVDs with these schemes and use Handbrake to convert them into m4v/mp4 files to load into my Kodi media centre to view the movies/shows from anywhere in my house.

You don´t need Paladin, just open a Terminal in the top directory of the sources and type make.

A stock install of Haiku is pretty much set up for development right after installing.

Those will be handled, more or less, by updated libdvdnav/libdvdread

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Well, that was easy! DVDRip is alive and partially works. It can read DVDs but I encounter the same as you.

So I decided to test DVDRip performance in Zeta 1.51 versus Haiku.

In Zeta OS, I ripped Dune: Part One (2021), Predator (1987), Jurassic World: Dominion (2022), Men In Black (1997), and Black Adam (2022).

In Haiku, all five DVDs failed in reading blocks sometime in the rip process.

So I guess, the difference is at the OS or device driver level in Haiku.

With further testing in Haiku, DVDRip ripped ‘Escape from New York’:



So we know the DVDRip is fully functional and has some issues in the new environment.

To ensure complete testing, I created a new m4v using HandBrake and it was processed successfully.


I had some success too, ironically with the same DVD that DVDRip ran into the “couldn’t read block” error the day before. So I think we are dealing with not easily repeatable problems here.
I’ve looked at the source code a bit, and I think the problems come from libdvdread, not from DVDRip itself. All it does is call a function from libdvdread to read some blocks, with an offset and the amount of blocks to read. These are then written to a file or to stdout, as the user selected.

I already started adding some debug output to DVDRip, and plan to add some more as sometimes also the discovery of titles doesn’t work correctly, at least on my system. I’ll put this version online and post the link here so we can all do some testing.

I updated my system and then re-made DVDRip.

Be aware that this report represents actions in both PC and laptop environments.

In the PC, Predator (1987) ripped immediately and clean; but in laptop, DVDRip would not “Refresh!” to load the DVD. I previously tried to rip a different DVD before it–the DVD would mount and DVDRip would not refresh–I rebooted, then, Predator ripped clean.

For Jurassic World: Dominion–failed in both; however, with this DVD, the laptop went into KDL the first time:

In the PC and the second attempt in the laptop:

For Men in Black–failed in both:


For Dune, the same in both:

Well 1 in 5 shows some improvement.

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