Duplicated screen using lower resolution

Hallo all. On my current computer i get a problem running older games or using lower resolutions as max.

I need to run 1900×1200 to have the desktop displayed correct. If i change the resolution or a program does this, i get a duplicated desktop on the upper half of the screen. The bottom half are black.

That informations do i need to add for a bug report?

  • gfx card type and then?

If you’re using nightly AND it is an Intel card, have a look at the forum thread about improving the driver, @rudolfc is trying to fix it.

Otherwise, you have to report it.
As usual, check if there is an existing one. If so, vote for it, but also join it and provide your infos.

First, you need to give detailed infos about your bug. What has happened precisely? Is it possible to reproduce the problem and how? Screenshots are often helping (even more when you have problems with words).
If there is (like in your case) hardware involved in the bug, infos about it are needed.
Name, Vendor, PCI Id, USB Id, driver in use.

What people are often forgetting is the context. Infos about their Haiku install to start.
What kind of Haiku? (stable or nightly; 32bit or 64bit), What revision? How are they using it? (emulation (if so what kind QEmu,Parallels,etc) or real hardware). How do they boot? (boot sector or UEFI)

Don’t forget to provide any file that could help. Bug reports etc. At least provides a syslog file even if the bug doesn’t appear in it. It will help to retrieve infos that you might have forgotten.

Good luck



please type in terminal

ls /dev/graphics

then you see which driver is loaded.

please take a look at dev.haiku-os.org bug report 17001.

regards lorglas