Dune 3D - parametric 3D CAD

Just read about this new 3D app. Might be interesting to port this to Haiku, if anyone is interested?

Dune 3D parametric 3D CAD


Not afaik, Freecad would be better, I’ve offered a bounty more than once.

I use Autodesk Inventor, the open source tools are just far to cumbersome for professional yse in todays highly competitive market. Although I’d certainly pay a subscription or monthly amount to fund getting freecad or some other similar cad/cam solution to parity with fusion360/somidworks/mastercan etc

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Sounds interesting, but I use OpenSCAD, so if anything that’s the one I’d like to see ported. Failing that, maybe Maverick Model 3D as my distant second choice.

Just a few words of encouragement to all that are waiting/hoping for an app to be ported.

You can do quite a lot in advance before you even get in contact with a c/c++ compiler let alone any code. You can take a look at the dependencies. Every open source software has build instructions somewhere (GitHub readme.md, wiki, etc…) and they almost always list the dependencies, e.g. libraries and other software needed to build this particular app. The next step would be to check which one of those are already available for Haiku, by searching with pkgman (or HaikuDepot) or look if they are available in haikuports. If a dependency is not available, you start again by looking what this software would need to run on Haiku. The results of this process gives you an overall (theoretical) picture of how complicated the porting will be.

If all the dependencies are installed you can try to download and build it on Haiku. How this is done can vary greatly between different build systems and approaches to them. But that´s another story. My point is that you can do a lot of tedious work in advance just by checking the dependencies.

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Oh, that looks a bit (from the viewport) like the valve Hammer editor. Maybe that is a CAD that works for me, exciting!

I’ve been using ArtOfIllusion on Haiku before but it sometimes works a bit badly : )

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Can’t quite figure out how painting on textures works, should watch some tutorials to figure out how this works.


As I recall someone built freecad but it was not fully functional due to python problems. I would also love it if freecad were available. I used to use solidworks but have found I can now do everything with freecad and the a2plus assembly workbench. Though I am concerned that I will have to redo assembly work at a later date since freecad cannot seem to agree on an assembly system.

It might be really interesting to add a haiku native front end to Dune 3D… since it is quite a young project with a simple UI perhaps this would require much less time investment than for a more mature application.


The toponaming issue is why I can’t use freecad, amongst other reasons

Pretty sure it doesn’t support texture painting at all… just applying a global skin to the model. You’d have to paint this externally.

There is BlenderCAD too… probably better to get that working since that gives you a lot of options.

It does support materials. I‘ve been „texturing“ my models manually (as in editing the obj file directly) before. I don‘t know if the way minetest interprets this is normal though. :slight_smile:
for example minetest-gamemode-orion/berry_bush.obj at master - minetest-gamemode-orion - GryphNode

We have at least an (incomplete) port OpenCASCADE, which is the basis of FreeCAD, IIRC. Any visualization parts of OpenCASCADE are missing or non-working though, because there is no port to the Haiku windowing system and no OpenGL implementation for Haiku. I’m not sure if FreeCAD uses these from OpenCASCADE directly or they have their own visualization. A port of that is missing anyhow.

There’s quite some progress on freecad but also problems. See here Freecad? Has it been ported? - #25 by 3dEyes

Check out SolveSpace and Smoothie-3d as well.

Known favorites:

  • Art of Illusion
  • AutoDesk Fusion 360
  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • Blender
  • Creo Parametric
  • eMachineShop CAD
  • FreeCAD
  • HeeksCAD
  • nanoCAD
  • Onshape
  • OpenSCAD
  • Rhino with Grasshopper
  • Siemens NX
  • Solid Edge
  • SolidWorks

Most of the free apps I see in our modeling lab are FreeCAD and Blender.- these apps are on a few 3D modeling workstations with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 and networked to 3D printers.

If interested, we’d probably look at the manuals and tutorials of the project to ramp up quickly for training purposes.

Porting these apps to Haiku?? We’d probably want to see the port progression of FreeCAD. Dune 3D looks interesting though…

@realtaraharris is working on porting SolveSpace.