Dual Opty lives and loves haiku64

So I got my board a few days ago, it’s in good shape, but will probably recap a few capacitors. Anyways, wanted to see if Haiku would boot…

Lol booted first go, no issues other than ac97 not working, no dramas, bought an Audigy2 zs just for haiku and after slotting that PCI card in there sound works great. Everything works super.

Further testing to go. (Just running it from cd atm) but it all pretty much works very nicely… no timing issues when playing music, or anything weird like used to plague my dual mp athlon box from years ago with BeOS.

Really Mc lovin it!

Thanks everyone for your awesome effort on Haiku.

Just four words: I love that wallpaper

My toddled (primary user of my haiku based laptop) would love it too :smiley:

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That’s a dual core? I was hoping you’d splurged on a KGPE-D16 with dual 16 cores :smiley:

My dual PII needs recapping most likely too… it isn’t 100% stable I did get a gig of EDO for it though so it should be able to boot the installer with that.

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I miss the days when I ran BeOS on an Abit BP-6 with dual Celerons.


Dual Opty rig, and i have a set 285’s to go in place when more grunt is required. :smiley: this pic was taken for initial testing purposes, now has different vid card and sound card installed.

8 gigs of ram, Audigy 2 zs and not sure which vid card I’ll put in there yet.


Nope, these are Opteron 250’s, so single cores.