Dual Monitor set up?

How do I set up for dual monitors working as one work double wide work space?
is there a control panel or window for that? IF there is, I can’t find it.
I currently have 2 monitors set up on the video card. 1 VGA and 1 DVI but both are displaying the identical thing.
They are just duplicates. I want to be able to move windows from one monitor to the other working as 1 double wide workspace.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

I don’t think Haiku, currently has any support for dual monitor. You do you workspaces (I know, not the same thing) which can be useful.

This works on a very limited set of very old ATI hardware. I have a Thinkpad X40 that it works on for example. You still use the screens preflet to configure them IIRC.

This is supported on old Radeon (non-HD) cards, as well as Matrox and maybe a few other old devices, but not on any of the modern drivers. When it’s possible, the screen preferences lets you configure it, so if you don’t have anything there it means the driver for your card doesn’t support this yet.

Another option, consider a cheap 4k Seiki 38" TV which can be had for about $250. Mine was refurbished from Microcenter, but Amazon recently had a newer model at 41" brand new at a similar price. These Seiki’s have been snapped up by developers all over the web, see reddit for instructions. The Philips 60hz 4k monitors are closer to $800 out of reach. Some other TV brands like RCA or Westinghouse are also close to price. Need to adjust input signal settings for PC use. The Samsung 27" 4k panels will need scaling so you lose half the pixel real estate in return for retina effect.

This Seiki works directly on my Pentium g3258 and would probably work on any recent Intel graphics above this model at TV limit of 30Hz. Haiku does not work on my 4K capable nVidia cards though. Mobo is GB Z97N-wifi with HDML 1.4 ports. A mobo board with Display Port will also allow for the future upgrade to real 4k monitor at 60hz as a bonus. Seriously thinking about a 2nd 4K panel for 2nd PC running Windows/Linux/OSX for cross platform code work.

Once you have worked at 4k at 38", you will never want to go back even to a pair of good HD panels, it is like having 4 HD 20" panels glued together and it is quite readable at 4k resolution, no scaling needed. As a nice bonus this 4k Seiki has same energy use as any one of my old 24" LCD (cold cathode tube) panels ie 60W.

Back in BeOS days I too used twin monitors on 15 year old hardware.

It is precisely because of this new hardware and a new nightly build 50132 that I can come back to Haiku at all.