Dual-booting Haiku with your other OS

Check your syslog and see if it has errors in it. Also, was this recently, or not? I made a lot of fixes to the XHCI driver a month or so before beta2 which resolved a lot of that kind of issue.

If there are no errors in the syslog, then it may be related to the fact that the usb_disk driver does reads all-at-once, which can indeed lead to lower perceived performance as large reads block smaller reads.

It was a few months ago, after your fixes. There were not errors in syslog. I will check again, tho.

This is likely #15585.

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Not sure if it’s the same @X512. I can’t remember now if the Haiku on the USB drive is UTD to the latest hrev.

I should check again to see if its the same issue you pointed out or if it’s a different one. In my case, it usually happens when I download something from Web+ (big OS ISO file) and try to access the HD (the USB pendrive) at the same time, thus I presume is read/write conflict, but need to check and test properly to report. Hopefully will have time this weekend if it rains.


Thank you to those who made suggestions re booting. I’m having a busy week, but will try them out at the weekend.

Sorry not to have responded earlier Sometimes life gets in the way of one’s plans.

I am using three flavours of Puppy Linux - Tahr, Slacko, and Xenial. The first two on 32 bit machines.

Apart from wanting a fall-back OS for those (increasingly rare) occasions when Haiku can’t do something, I have a small project on the go. For reasons I won’t explain (call it Magpie Syndrome) I have a number of old Thinkpads that I need to sell, and I thought it would be good to put a choice of OS on them.

It’s a small way to spread the word about Haiku. Having the ability to directly compare Windows, Linux and Haiku is an excellent way to demonstrate how fast and elegant Haiku is.

No problem, same here. :wink:
Just had to take a look at puppy linux, Tahr and Xenial seem to be Ubuntu based or compatible, so the little tutorial in alpopa’s comment in this thread should apply. On Slacko the grub configuration might be in a different file but the basics remain the same on any linux

Sorry, I forgot to mention the sources of the Puppy variants.

Of the three, Xenial is the best, but I’ve never been able to get it to work on the 32 bit machines.

The Puppy family is quite impressive, and has a superb community, but at the end of the day it’s still Linux, with all the pluses and many minuses that that entails.

It’s because of the minuses that I found myself here, and I have to say that I have huge hopes for Haiku. Progress might appear to be slow, but given the modest number of active developers, it’s actually remarkable. I think that those developers, who are modest in more ways than just their numbers, don’t fully appreciate what a wonderful thing their creation is - and what a future it has.