Dual booting haiku and window 10/11

'I searched the forum and I can not seem to get this to work, and the tutorials out in the google webs aren’t helpful.

Any insights ?

Windows 11 uses efi boot, no?
so just make a second haiku partition, add the efi loader to the existing esp, turn off secure boot and add an entry to the haiku efi loader from windows so you can bolt it from the menu.

alternatively you can install the haiku loader, move the windows loader in the efi partition and install reFind as default, it will give you a graphical menu (it is intended to provide this if your efi somehow doesn’t provide it. normally a efi boot loader entry is enough but currently Haiku can’t write those… but windows should be able to)

do what ? why is this no 10x more complicated than it once was, and window 10 seems to overwrite my attempts to do exactly this

Have you tried turning off quick boot or secure boot in the bios?

I blame Microsoft btw. I had trouble even dual booting Linux and windows 10 - used to be easy to multi boot. I had to install rEFInd and then use that to boot into Linux, then edit the grub settings to get grub to work without needing rEFind. Might need to do something similar.

I would really like to find a way to abandon windows


Sorry, but the problem in your example is grub2 beeing terrible.
EFI makes multiboot incredibly easy

  • Add your loader to the esp
  • Add an entry
  • profit

Windows supports EFI fine, we support EFI fine (only the installer needs to add some more auto automation)

If you have an EFI capable system do yourself a favor and stay away from grub2.

I think it is kind of ridicilous to blame microsoft for making dual boot “hard” when in actuality EFI makes this much much easier than on bios booted systems.

That seems highly unlikely, are you trying to replace the fallback EFI loader? don’t do that then, add a proper entry for Haiku on the esp.

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