Dual booting BeOS and Windows XP

I have installed BeOS MAX on my laptop. It is on a primary partition. There is another primary partition on the drive with Windows XP on it.

I would like to alter my Windows XP boot.ini to allow a BeOS choice. OSX-Intel is able to boot this way, can’t BeOS work as well?

I do not wish to boot from a CD/Floppy, as my laptop only has an external CD drive (no floppy). Also, I would prefer to use the Windows boot manager, as opposed to a third party boot manager.

Edit: I just installed the Be boot manager from within BeOS, and I am quite pleased with it :slight_smile:

Now if only I could find a video driver for my Intel® 830M chipset :slight_smile:

One Way should be possible

A few months ago, I heard about something like:

Boot with a linux live CD (Madriva one or ubuntu for instance)
use DD (the Disk Dump unix tool) to get the BeOsMax bootblock and save it as
add a line with this file in
NtLoader should be able to load it

You will find more help on linux forum.



Why you dont install the Bootman from BeOS Max? This Bootmanager can handle WindowsXP and BeOS very fine.

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Have you tested the intel extreme driver from haiku?

kSupportedDevices[] = {
{0x3577, INTEL_TYPE_8xx | INTEL_TYPE_83x, “i830GM”},
{0x2562, INTEL_TYPE_8xx | INTEL_TYPE_83x, “i845G”},

{0x2572, INTEL_TYPE_8xx | INTEL_TYPE_85x, "i865G"},
{0x3582, INTEL_TYPE_8xx | INTEL_TYPE_85x, "i855G"}


from and from

i830GM are probably i830MG as I can’t find a i830GM (only a i855GM)

0x3577 = 82830M/MG