Dual boot windows 8 and Haiku


Did anyone ever install a dual boot Haiku with windows 8 and if so what is the procedure to do it?
Now that Haiku is booting on my computer I want to try it at full speed instead of VMWare.
My main partition is a Windows 8, no problem to shrink it and have 50 GB of free space for Haiku.




I use Windows 8 Pro + Haiku Nightly on my PC.
If you install Haiku boot menu, than you need to select the Haiku partition and the Windows “boot” partition (named “System Reserved”), because that will boot the Windows.
I have a 64GB SSD: System Reserved 350MB (Windows created during the installation), Windows 8 Pro 50GB, Haiku data 8GB, Haiku 2GB.

So; you need to create some place to the Haiku on the drive, and than install the Haiku boot manager (you can find the guide here: https://www.haiku-os.org/docs/userguide/en/applications/bootmanager.html).

Thanks for the information.
Wanted to be sure the standard process was still usable before trying to maybe alter my main sytem.
I did it and it worked fine.

If you have uEFI and GPT then You have some other problem.

uEFI (EFI) are a replaced BIOS in your laptop so you need to turnoff secure-boot and use a legacy boot option. For GPT there are no known way except to format the disk and use MBR.

I have both problems. Don’t know if I can get around GPT option if I find a linux partition program that can make BFS disks…

In fact the only thing that is a little bit messy is I have to modify the bios for my SATA controller.
AHCI for Windows 8 and IDE for Haiku. Otherwise everything is working fine.
I compiled Haiku, and a core i7 2600K + SSD really rocks.
Let’s now wait for multi monitor support (portrait and landscape), Intel GPU but hey notice how Haiku improved over the years.
You guys did a tremendous job, keep going.

When you download/burn a Haiku (64-bit) image to CD, what do you have to do, to allow the Haiku CD to boot? My Lenovo laptop came with Windows 8 and uses Secure Boot. Do I have to change/disable anything specifically?

I do not have Secure Boot. As I always build my own computers.
I am really sorry for not being able to help you.
You should check on the net if it is even possible to disable the Secure Boot feature but I honestly doubt it is.