Drag[en]gine Game Engine

I decided to create an own topic for the Drag[en]gine Game Engine decoupled from the OpenGL Mesa Problem Topic with the 1.3 release.

Home Page of the project is locate here: DragonDreams
The full Changelog of the latest release is here (perma-link): Changelog Latest Release
Game development information can be found on the Wiki: Developer Wiki
Source code can be found on GitHub: GitHub Repository
Example projects are on GitHub too: GitHub Examples

And eventually the IndieDB News Article

As with the 1.2 release the Mesa problem is still present. Waiting for the Mesa bump in HaikuPorts. No GUI tools yet under Haiku (no gui-launcher nor IGDE). That comes when I looked closer at the UI API in Haiku.

For HaikuPorts the Pull Request is pending, then you can get it over HaikuPorts.


Anyone could build the new changes made in the PR, I’m not merging it as I don’t know the ins and outs for MESA, I’ll leave that up to the core developers to review, but glad you are still checking and reporting this! :slight_smile:

The PR is not for MESA but for the 1.3 release recipe. More or less the 1.2 copied and adjusted to pull the right v1.3 git tag.

Could you delete the 1.2 recipe in the PR? This way the changes are more visible :slight_smile: And reduces git noise :slight_smile:

I thought the old receipts should stick around. But no problem. I delete it right away.

If there is no issue bumping a version than it would be good to only keep the current working version (PS, didn’t check the build, but previous one was ok)

No, by definition dragengine builds are always strictly backwards compatible both for developers and gamers. I also check if it compiles and runs on my 64-bit Haiku. Can’t speak for 32-bit but that should work too.

Updated now the PR by removing the 1.2 recipe.

Saw it, let me try to boost a 32 bit build here to check

Merged, so no need to check for me :slight_smile:

Drag[en]gine 1.4 has been Released: https://dragondreams.ch/?page_id=307 .

Updated the HaikuPort receipt.

Pull Request: https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/pull/5437 .