Download problem


Using the latest night build, having a problem with Haiku installed in VM (MacBook Pro, OSX El Capitan, VMWare Fusion 8.1.1). Haiku installs perfectly, looks like it is running just fine. The only problem i have is with downloads - they start fine, but after few seconds, process just stops (progress bar is not moving anymore) - no message, no error, nothing. Typical example is when updating system with HaikuDepot. I have to cancel the stalled download everytime.

Internet connection is working normally.

Any ideas or suggestions??


This never happened to me, on either physical or virtual machines. How long have you waited for the update/download process to resume? I wonder if the network breaks during the update process, and how does the update manager handle the network unavailability once the download started.

I don’t know if it’s something else, so here’s an easy way to check the network activity while updating:

  1. From the Haiku menu start Applications -> ActivityMonitor
  2. Go to the File menu and Add graph
  3. Right-click the new graph - which should be on the bottom, and make sure you have both Network receive and Network send enabled
  4. (optional) Go to the Settings menu to the Settings option and change the Update time interval to 250 ms or 500 ms, so you can see the network activity a bit more easily
  5. Start the SoftwareUpdater, try repeating the update and keep an eye on the network activity during the update process, until the progress bar gets stuck
  • If the download actually continues (network activity still visible) but the progress bar is stuck, then the SoftwareUpdater might be having issues;
  • If the download really stops for whatever reason, at least you know the SoftwareUpdater is not at fault, but you should still allow it some time to inform you of the issue - the developers could tell exactly how much time;

So if there’s a network issue, once you suspect this you can open a terminal and ping and your gateway, to see if it works.

I did everything exactly as you suggested. When progress bar gets stuck, internet activity stops (according to ActivityMonitor). I expected that, because had the same problem before with WebPositive trying to download LibreOffice installation package. I am sure programs are working ok, there is something wrong with network usage. I think this is hapening mostly with larger files (updater first downloads few smaller updates, then tries to download large file and gets stuck).

Ping to google and gateway works normal. Updater even after 15 minutes doesn’t report anything. It just stands still.

Thx for help.

edit: using Win, OSX and Linux virtual machines on the same MacBook without any problem.

Create a ticket with more info (VM environment, emulated NIC, used connection (NAT, bridged, etc)) at
The forum is not the appropriate place to report bugs, but do not forget to check if there is one already there, so use the search function first.

It could be a driver issue. Check your network adapter type and switch it to something else. You will probably have these options:

  • VMware Accelerated AMD PCNet Adapter
  • Intel Pro/1000 MT Network Connection
  • Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection

In my view, that’s a bug in the SoftwareUpdater. Fine, so it can’t download the data. Then after a certain amount of time it should inform the user about the situation and offer the option to Abort, Retry, or even Debug/Get More Info about the issue.

Good luck finding the culprit! :smiley:

Where can i select these? In VM settings i have selected internet sharing (share with my Mac).

All programs behave in the same way, not only SoftwareUpdater.

OK, thx.

It doesn’t look like you can select the network adapter on VMWare Fusion.

You have to edit by hand the .vmx file (see
Check the line with “ethernet0.virtualDev”. Eventually try with ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”.

My ethernet settings in VMX file are following:

ethernet0.present = “TRUE”
ethernet0.connectionType = “nat”
ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”
ethernet0.wakeOnPcktRcv = “FALSE”
ethernet0.addressType = “generated”
ethernet0.linkStatePropagation.enable = “FALSE”

Any other virtualDev values to check?

I’ve opened a ticket about this issue.

Now, i just tried to install inside Haiku inside VirtualBox … on my big surprise it just works - had to change network adapter to Intel PRO/1000, though. Looks like problem is actually Fusion.

Another thing … with VirtualBox, my favourite screen resolution is missing (1680x1050). It is possible to get it back somehow ?? Sorry for such a basic questions, i am really newbie both to Haiku and VirtualBox.


I’ve made my resolution available using this terminal command:

VBoxManage setextradata “VM name” “CustomVideoMode1” “1680x1050x32”