Downgrade to previous wifi drivers?

I have a machine I use Haiku on with an Intel 7260 wifi card. This used to work pretty much perfectly save for some issues with the wifi switch. Now, though, it has become much less useful, with a very inconsistent connection. I’m sure it’ll take a while to iron out the bugs with the new drivers, but until then, is there any way to go back to the old ones, preferably without going back to a previous Haiku version entirely?

The only known issue remaining with the new drivers is that in some scenarios they can cause KDLs on boot. That’s it, they otherwise seem to work great; I have reports the connection speeds are radically greater than the previous ones.

So, if you are consistently having issues, you will need to open a ticket about this, because otherwise nothing is going to change. (Please do test on the very latest nightly, though; some changes were made a few days ago which might help you.)

You could blocklist the existing driver and put the old driver in non-packaged but this will only work until the kernel ABI changes again (which it does once every few months on average.) You will also have to stick to an older version of the intel_wifi_firmwares package. So, I don’t recommend that route at all.

FWIW, you never did reply to the comments I made on the ticket you had open about the WiFi switch issues weeks ago; but I closed that ticket anyway when the new driver was imported.

Yeah, I was only able to test today which is when I noticed issues. The switch issue was gone but I didn’t comment since the ticket was closed. I’ll try to file a ticket when I get time.

Well, you can comment on closed issues anyway, it’s sometimes helpful in the future so we know for certain it was fixed.

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