Doom Shareware WAD added to HaikuDepot?

Out of curiosity, since there’s both Chocolate Doom and GZDoom available in HaikuDepot, would it make sense to also add the shareware Doom WAD to the repos, so anyone who installs either source port could try them out quickly?

I know most of us would supply our own WADs, but I was thinking that for the uninitiated or more newcomer user, they can at least play the game right away after installation.

An alternative would also be to add the free-to-distribute Freedoom to the repos as well.

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Yes, we can’t add shareware to the repos, but Freedoom sounds good.


Yup, it makes for a good way to try the engines out. They’re also pretty fun, stage-wise.

It is still not to find on HaikuDepot

I’m guessing no one has been looking into it yet :slight_smile:

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