Dooble web browser cookies

Just wondering if anyone uses the Dooble web browser, and if cookies work there. Seems non-working for me, at hrev 57707. Set to “Save All”, no joy.

Otherwise pretty good so far. I use WebPositive for most things, but it gets seriously bogged down on sites with a lot of advertising updates. Dooble handles that as well as Falkon does, but with fewer crashes so far - at least, no system crashes yet.

When each new session seems to start from scratch on things that ought to be in cookies, though, it’s pretty tedious. I can see cookies in there, they just doesn’t seem to make any diffference.

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Aparently, Dooble does not want to save cookies when you close the app. As far as I know, they said this is for your safety. It is a nice browser, but from that reason I use it only for trivial stuff.

That would be a peculiar policy. But if you’re like me, when you start it up and go straight to the cookies, they’ll be there - lots of them. I imagine all of them. They just don’t seem to do any good.