Dooble 2022.12.25

Dooble 2022.12.25 web browser on Haiku hrev56673 x64.

HTML5test score (522/555):



Build failed for 32bit (as mentioned on the PR): Buildmaster Status

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Testing now on x64. looks good. It has the same crashes as Falkon but somehow less frequent. Needs a way to load ad-blocking lists, don’t be a fool like me trying to shoehorn easylist.txt, importing this ends blocking all main domains. I knew it won’t work but still wanted to try, heh.

On a personal note. It’s nice to have more browsers, but for the time being seems anything QtWebengine is doomed to fail, so I don’t see the benefit bringing more of these v/s pouring effort in Web+ (or GNOME Web). At least until that annoying bug is found…

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Use adblocker DNS server, or host an own.

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Work fine

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webkit can adblock natively already.

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Dooble was already ported even if previous version used QtWebkit. So, it’s not really adding one more. It’s more or less the same situation for Falkon as QupZilla was also ported.

Having another browser that use the QtWebengine may help devs to figure out sources of crashes. As you noticed, they are less frequent with Dooble. So, there’s could be also something wrong on Falkon side.

On hosts list side, it really depends how you use that browser. If it is as fallback for a particular site that won’t work with Web+, then using the list in ‘allow’ mode can be simpler.

I have a PiHole in my network. Not everyone does, hence my comment. No ad-block functionality in 2023 is simply no bueno.

You’re right. In fact you can reload offending tabs until they eventually load and work correctly. In contrast to Falkon which (at least in my tests) if it crashed once, it consistently crashed every time. I think someone tried to debug these crashes and didn’t have luck, maybe with Dooble it’ll shed some light to where to aim the bug spray.