Donation counter

The donation counter on the home page is horribly out of date. Any chance this could be updated?

Not sure how involved it is to do this each time? Can anyone offer help to keep this up to date? Can it be automated?

This is handled by Haiku, inc treasurer. No one can really help because this requires access to our bank account online interface, which would allow more things to be done (no readonly access).

Ryan (said treasurer) has started work on automating it, but it is a little complex (processing donations from various sources, making sure nothing is counted twice, etc) and he had no time to finish that work. Currently it would be more important for him to put the paperwork in a sane state and then let someone else take the role of treasurer, as he has no time to take care of all this.

OK thanks. I suspected there was a bit more to it. In Europe a lot of banks are offering various information via API under PSD2. Maybe there is something similar in the USA that would help?