[DoF] Moe: A Mascot Observation Environment

Moe is a utility that allows you to display an image or animation on the active application. It is a simple but effective way to customize your BeOS and Haiku experience.




I remember this!

I was unable to install Moe from HaikuDepot. pkgman says “Failed to download package moe: Operation not supported”.
I updated the haikuports recipe to package the latest commit of Moe, and hope a new build will fix the installation issue. All in one fell swoop.
However, HDS hasn’t updated packages since the 8th of Jan… Something got stuck, it appears.

Congrats to DesktopOnFire, btw!
Two things I notice about the site: It’s a bit laggy and burning CPU cycles with Web+. It wrongly keeps repeating “Haiku” when it’s actually just “Haiku”. :slight_smile:

If give us a nice catch phrase for the site, we should add a link to it to Community Links | Haiku Project.


For those confused regarding the quote above… Discourse autochanges “Haiku O.S.” (without the dots) to “Haiku”.


Not exactly related to the topic specifically but rather the site in general:

The WordPress language seems to be set to Italian. This results in a mix of Italian and English, at least on my end.

Hi @win8linux, can you please check if you still have any language issues? I had told WordPress that the site was in Italian by habit. :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

The Recent Articles and Category sections are still in Italian.

This is getting out of control! LOL :rofl:


I know the subject has already been raised by the past without effect but this would look great, if we had a real Haiku mascot.

How about Leafy McFeather?

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@Starcrasher The old BeOS man said that any mascot that starts with “Moe” is a Haiku mascot!! :wink:

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Why everyone keeps forgeting about Walter the Anglerfish?


Indeed! Even bugs from nightlies are better known. For those who don’t know him see here. I guess that he’s not present enough.
Anyway, he doesn’t seem very friendly and so doesn’t match moe’s definition

The term moe gradually evolve and today indicate all those anime or characters capable of inspire a protective feeling in male viewers.

Not much into anime or action figues, but this is quite neat.


@Starcrasher We could use an animated GIF of Walter, it would be beautiful! :smiley:

Walter is for Walter (nightly) releases only!
Moe is most BeOs like!

Ah, Miss Minutes from “Loki”. Such an evil (but seemingly innocent) character!

Does she speak?
Does she answer questions?
Can she find information on the Internet or on the computer?
Can she perform any useful tasks?

We were talking about it today, that a plugin to interact with characters managed by Moe could be interesting.

The important thing is not to recreate Clippy :smile:

I remember that Moe is a program written for BeOS over twenty years ago.


Does she need to? it is just a toy.