Does HaikuPorter have just the binaries?

First time I’m venturing into the nightlies now using the package manager and was wondering if I can pull just the various binaries for what works instead of it pulling down the source code and compiling? All I did so far was “haikuporter vim” and it took well over an hour to compile libtools, ncurses, etc. Shouln’t this be like the installextrapackages where the very common, everyday used tools come pre-compiled and the install is quick with far less diskspace used?

Ok, answering my own question here:

Use the GUI app called HaikuDepot to install pre-compiled binaries.

Follow-up question:

I can install binaries with HaikuDepot but I noticed that the packages I built locally with haikuporter don’t show up in the local list. I used the sample configuration which came with haikuporter.

For example, I built boehm_gc locally and have the binary package in ~/haikuports/packages/boehm_gc-7.2d-2-x86.hpkg and would like to install it. However, it doesn’t show up in HaikuDepot. No matter how many local packages I build, the only one which shows up is WebPosititve_x86 under Local.

Hi Steve!

HaikuDepot only shows the installed local packages. To install a hpkg you have to move them to one of the monitored package locations, i.e. either /system/packages/ or ~/config/packages/.


~/config/packages/ for apps of the current user and /system/packages/ for apps for all user.
Haiku doesn’t have multi-user support yet, but It’s worth mentioning : ).