Does Haiku work with Realtek® 8111F Network Port

My Haiku is not detecting the network port on my new system. It is a Asus P8H77-I Motherboard and the network port is Realtek® 8111F

Should this be working with Haiku?

Right now I am having to use a USB dongle with ethernet port to get Internet on my new system.



You are using alpha4 or latest nightly?

According to this page: we should support your network card with the rtl81xx (re) driver from FreeBSD 9.2.

I am running Haiku R1Alpha4.1

Should that work?

I will try again but appears Haiku is not seeing this port in my new Potenza.

Linux and windows saw see it fine.

Anything else I should try?

If usb dongle wifi works (does it on Haiku), I could always try that.


FWIW, the RTL 8111E on my MSI 7835-001R Mainboard is working out of the box.
I am using a nightly hrev46531.

R1alpha4.1 doesn’t include a driver for this hardware. Haiku imported the relevant FreeBSD updates after that.

Haiku WiFi is restricted to PCI devices via a BSD compatibility layer.

How easy is it to install these nightlys while maintaining all the other settings I have already done so I don’t lose anything?

Maybe I need to post a new thread on step by step for the novice to install these nightlys.

Thanks for the notes.