Does Haiku support setting volume/disk flags?

I know I’ve asked about direct image booting lately and dwell click (and btw thank you for the great responses!) but I had one more question…

Does Haiku support setting flags for disks like parted/GParted? Like where I can set boot, esp for a volume with ‘set 2 esp’ in parted for example? Reason I ask is because if I actually can adapt Haiku to boot the way I need it to, I still have to pull out a live Linux just to set the disk flags. And I’d rather have Haiku do it. So asking the devs and IT sort here, can Haiku could do this through a text based tool I don’t yet know of or something like a package I’m missing? Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Use the source, Luke!

I don’t know if they can work with flags tho.

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Thanks @extrowerk, I’ll take a look :slightly_smiling_face: