Does Haiku support OpenGL and Vulkan?

Awesome, will be sure to check out.

Download from BeShare if not in HaikuDepot

Sounds good, if possible, could you elaborate on the different music players available for Haiku? I’ve got a big FLAC music collection on a 64GB pen drive I like to try on lots of different OSs and computers.

Check: Haiku Depot Server

Open Cubic Player (i.e. OCP), Audacious, and Clementine are good music players. You can
review players based on your music formats or convert music to other compatible formats

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Clementine is available? Now that’s kickass, Clementine has always reminded me of old Amarok from KDE 3 (which I still use since I have the Trinity Desktop Environement on my ThinkPad T61), what codecs are avaliable and can I play XM/MOD files with Clementine? (I know they play on Audacious with OpenMPT, just asking)

Just install it via HaikuDepot and find out by yourself.

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I cant answer this, but MediaPlayer can play module formats. If you find any problem: report it.

Depends. Milkytracker, ProTrekkr, and Aplayer handle certain formats. You can almost play any sound file on Haiku…

DXVK has had support for D3D9 games for a long while now since merging with D9VK and is generally considered to be faster and more compatible than wined3d.

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HaikuDepot provides SCUMM and ResidualVM separate.
Which is better for Haiku experience.

Not sure with the current version in haikuports (hence HaikuDepot) is available (need to run some checks there, too many side tracks) :slight_smile: , but the newer versions will be a combined effort, so no seperate ScummVM and ResidualVM (only ScummVM)

Yes I know but that might be a problem for future ScummVM ports because Haiku has no grafik acceleration.
ResidualVM is far slower than ScummVM in Haiku

That’s out of our hands, I should checkout the source and do a clean build to see how much it changes then