Does haiku support multiple monitors?

Haiku have added support for multiple monitors ?.
I have been waiting for this is 2020 so maybe ?.

With additional hardware for a long time …Haiku+MatroxDualHead_2

There is some limited support with some old video cards (Radeon 7000 and 9250 from the early 2000s for example). New drivers have not been adjusted to handle it yet. I may have some time to work on it for the Intel driver. It’s been a bit more complicated for me lately due to working from home and that means having extra laptop from work on my desk, so no space for a second Haiku device to test drivers on.

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Notice that, as shown in this screenshot, Polli’s approach results in the operating system having no idea there are multiple monitors, and so it cannot make any decisions based on their position and size.

It’s been too long so I can’t comment anymore. There are also advantages when the operating system doesn’t know everything …
From the user’s point of view, mind you!