Does Haiku support HDMI & DVI-D Dual Link Video?

Looking at getting a 27" display that has two inputs, HDMI or DVI-D Dual Link, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Any issues with this?


Haiku is largely oblivious to these features. Assuming that your hardware has HDMI or dual-link DVI ports it will depend whether the Haiku driver for your video chipset supports them correctly. In some cases you might be able to rely on the firmware for the video chip doing the heavy lifting.

I wonder whether it is possible to effect haiku os on two monitors without drivers on VESA? Or on a VESA works HDMI? My computer actually have HDMI and DVI-D monitors. HaikuOS works on DVI-D.

Dual monitor is not possible with VESA (and also with most of the recent video drivers, which don’t implement it yet). Support for different outputs (DVI, HDMI, …) with the VESA driver depends only on your VESA BIOS and wether it supports them.