Does Haiku support AMD Radeon HD 6450?

My Acer Aspire X1300 stock video is only working in VESA mode which means on VGA I am getting max res of 1600x1200 and in HDMI port only 1280 x720.

I see on eBay some video cards made for my Acer X1300 optional video slot that are AMD or nVidia related.

I am guessing going AMD Radeon route is better and see one card that has this chipset:

AMD Radeon HD 6450

Will that work with Haiku R1A4?

Would be nice to get 1920 x 1080 resolution on my HaikuBox.


Is it just a standard PCIe slot? You might be needlessly limiting yourseful by looking for a video card for your specific machine unless there are strict space requirements (low profile cards are less common but still relatively standardized)
Also if it has an old-style PCI slot, you can find PCI video cards.

If you’re looking on eBay, maybe you could try looking at some older cards. The old BeOS drivers used to support the Radeon X800 (IIRC) and X300, and the nVidia GeForce 6800 (pretty much all of the 6000 series but the 6800 had video overlay acceleration)
I imagine the Haiku drivers support these same cards. They have full 2D and video scaling hardware acceleration as well as mode setting and multi-monitor support, something that is sorely lacking from the drivers for later video cards at present.

If you don’t need multi-monitor support, it is still worth making sure the card specifically supports 2D acceleration with the driver in Haiku. Currently some of the drivers lack acceleration, mode-setting support only. Acceleration can make a big difference to desktop performance especially at higher resolutions with large windows.

Also you don’t need to limit your search to video cards with HDMI ports. A simple cable will connect DVI to HDMI (albeit without carrying sound, but who wants to use the monitor speakers anyway)

Does anyone know of some kind of site that lists not just supported hardware for Haiku, but specifically what the drivers support? For example, like:
Radeon X300-X800: Mode setting: Yes, multi-monitor: yes, DVI: yes, 2D accel: yes, Overlay: yes
nVidia 7xxx: Mode setting: Yes, multi-monitor: ?, DVI: ?, 2D accel: no, Overlay: no

This would be useful to reference at this point, Haiku is mature enough to justify buying hardware for ^^

Like this site? :wink:

I have only listed as the drivers in Haiku ses it. Things here should work (based on the driver) but are probably untested.

For tested stuff you have

Of course MXM is just a standard PCIe interface squashed to fit in a laptop… I believe the versions are upwards compatible for the most part. But you might need to make sure you have a compatible VBIOS… otherwise the cared might not work. Main way to do that would be to check if other people have swapped out thier card on your model of laptop.

That said… Haiku support for newer cards probably isn’t as good as what you already have. I mean your HDMI acutally does work :smiley: and it might not on a newer card.

fyi kallisti5 is the guy to ask! He has a feature matrix on his site but its down at the moment.

FYI … x1300 is a radeonhd so you already have one :slight_smile:

scritches his ears in confusion

ModeenF, how come none of the video cards are listed there with 2D acceleration? Many of them are indeed 2D accelerated under BeOS R5 and as far as I know under Haiku too. For example most of the Radeon X-series and nVidia 6xxx, and everything older ^^

It would be interesting to know if the Radeon HD driver supports any 2D acceleration at all yet. Also I’m supposing that there is no “bodged multi monitor support” in the Radeon HD driver like there is in the X-series driver?

Video card support has to be the biggest sore spot in Haiku at this point… nearly every other device category has a modern, off-the-shelf supported device available, but to get decent accelerated video we’re left scrounging eBay…

Yes can someone clarify the 2D acceleration bit, there listed as having no 2D support?


Haiku don’t suport accelerated 2D :slight_smile: or the app kit don’t suport it. Google you will find a mail from axel about it (i think)