Does Haiku support 7Z, KDBX, DOCX, RAR? Real-Time AV?

JPEG2000, TIFF, OPUS? VPN, TOR? DoD 5220.22-M?

Does Haiku have real-time AV? If not, I can port some viruses over to run on Haiku.


Update 06 Sep 2017: The first Haiku virus is almost ready.

Well… sure, Haiku could run viruses but… why? What would be the point of such an exercise? For instance, one could form a virus in C++ or bash, but why?

While Haiku isn’t secure by any means (I.e. no ASLR I’m aware of, no firewall, no antivirus, etc.), Haiku does have a read-only FS and supports snapshots that somewhat help with this. But again, why? Haiku is small and doesn’t have much to gain by doing that. If you know of an exploit or hole, the ethical thing to do would be to contact the developer team and let them know about it.

Expand-o-Matic supports several formats, including, I believe, 7-Zip. As for rar, I’m not certain. Your best bet would be to look in the Depot for yourself if it doesn’t. As for Word XML documents, for now, I would use Google Docs in Web+ or a good browser as Haiku really doesn’t have a good, solid office suite yet. KeePass is not supported.

I’m sure others have better responses than I just gave, but that should help answer your question.

The error is to respond to this forum entry at all. People who write something like this should be ignored, so that they have no chance to be heard at all.

This discussion should be deleted and the user should be deleted if further contributions of this kind follow.

To stupid questions usually follow stupid answers.

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Good point. I guess I wasn’t conscious of this when replying. :slight_smile:

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We do have ASLR.

We do have support for both 7z and rar archives.

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Thank you for the corrections to these errors! :slight_smile: Today is definitely “not my day” today; I’ll try to research my answers better and know what I’m writing next time I reply to someone! :smiley:

KeePass is available, you just need to build it yourself: