Does Haiku eat too much CPU time?

I do not know if i is known, but it seems to me that Haiku is eating too much CPU time.
I did a clean installation of a nightly build into a VirtualBox machine.
I have a Intel core i5, so a four cores CPU and just one of them assigned as main CPU to Haiku box (see attached screenshot).
Launch Haiku and then open Windows Task Manager (if you are using Windows).
Search this running machine and you will see that it is eating 12%-13% of CPU time,which is like to say that Haiku is consuming about 50% of CPU power when it is doing anything (see another attached screenshot).

This is also absolutely easy to reproduce.

What do you think?



How much of this is because of VirtualBox itself? (emulating the hardware, the video refresh, etc). Remember that we are running with incomplete virtualbox additions (if you installed them at all), so what happens with other systems may not be directly comparable.
That being said, Haiku is not perfect in terms of powersaving, but I think it makes more sense to anamyze this on real hardware (we have some profiling tools in the kernel for that purpose - DebugAnalyzer, but I can’t find a writeup about it)

I do not agree.
Nowadays, I think to be quite expert about using virtual machines, I know quite well how those emulators work, including VirtualBox, thanks to the experience I collected with development of ReactOS core.
Of course, I could be wrong, but I have the suspect that there is a real problem hidden somewhere.