Does Haiku boot manager support chainloading?

Is it possible to use Haiku’s boot manager to chainload windows?

If its not, how do I set up ntldr to chainload Haiku?

I believe Haiku can do that… however I usually just add grub to the ntloader menu or to my Gentoo menu.lst (thats right I don’t use grub2 cause its crap)

Try running bootman from a terminal on haiku that may get you want you want

The name has been changed to BootManager, and yes it chainloads Windows just fine.


Can it chainload partitions that are on other harddisks? I only saw options for other partitions on the same hardisk.

At this time haiku’s BootManager can only chainload to other partitions on the same hard drive. This should be corected by the time R1 is released.