Does haiku become a rolling system?

does haiku become a rolling system ?
it is a long time to wait beta 5 release.
so, why not just rolling and rolling with day-build mode ?
one day, R1 release directly.

by the way, it sounds like that reactos be a system level reality with wine。
and, haiku will be sorts of system level reality with kde.

Hmm, like, no ?

I think nightly builds behave like a rolling-release system.


This has been discussed a lot already in the past: Search results for 'rolling release' - Haiku Community
You can read all the arguments pro and con in those threads…


If that’s what you want, use the nightly builds. What’s the problem? Other people want stable releases and will use the beta releases. Everyone is happy.


It is de facto working as a rolling release if you use the nightly builds. Otherwise, it works as standard releases such as other stable OSes if you stay only at the numbered versions, such as beta4 (that it has become rusty and is needing a refresh with a beta 5 or a RC), installing only updates to get bugfixes and improvements.

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