Does git exist in Haiku?

I wanted to get into a project to port the git to Haiku but I don’t know if it already exists to save that work.

Yes, it has been available for a very long time.

Both the Haiku source code and the Haikuports repository are git repositories.

Yes, git already exists on Haiku.

If you want to work on it however you can, for example it seems quite slow when enumerating untracked files on Haiku. It can probably be made to be much faster.

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And how could I contribute? The thing is that I liked the project and I now want to use something that is neither Linux nor Windows

Ok ok, And Java is also for Haiku?

Java is available but not all libraries for it.

Keep in mind that Haiku is entirely written in C++. If you want to contribute to the Operating system directly it will have to be in C++

I want to contribute on the software side, applications and that.

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Okay :slight_smile:

You can look at the introduction here: Getting Started | Haiku Project

It includes a link to the easy task list of the bugtracker, you can see if anything interests you to work on. EasyTasks – Haiku

Or pick something else you think is interesting : D


Still waiting on someone to tackle javafx :slight_smile:

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Great! We need application developers badly. One of our main problems IMHO is that there is so much to be done that promising app developers tend to get sucked into the main project. Meanwhile we have apps in the repository that haven’t been looked at, in some cases, for decades. They still compile, but maybe some changes have crept into the environment that mean that a specific function doesn’t work anymore.

You mention Java. I have a site where I collect old Java apps and package them for Haiku. I am NOT a Java developer. I know how to run a jar, and I know how to package that into an HPKG.

And so these Java apps run, but they don’t look like Haiku apps, and they don’t run like Haiku apps. Sometimes they will use a file dialog that reacts to single clicks where I am expecting double clicks, or vice versa. Icons and fonts look wrong.

Some of those apps haven’t seen any development for nine years (the heyday of desktop Java seems to be behind us). By all means see if you can take a Java app and get the Haiku look and feel into it. Don’t worry about “sherlocking” me. I’ll be the first to applaud you. Java apps for Haiku download |


You could try porting got (game of trees), which is OpenBSD’s git alternative. There’s a portable version that doesn’t rely on OpenBSD’s syscalls.

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I was reading the Haiku documentation, I saw what style the icon should have, among other things. And well; I’m already tired of using the OS that everyone uses, I want to try and contribute something new.