Docu about Haiku's architecture?

I would like to get information about Haiku’s architecture. What parts it is made off etc.

1.) How useful is the Beos-Bible for it? Or can you recommend any other book?

2.) I found this picture but it seems like nonsense ro me:

3.) Any text on the Haiku webpages? The nearest thing I could find is the documentation how to build Haiku from sourcecode, but that’s not really helpful (for info about architecture).



Also, the BeOS bible has interviews with engineers between each chapter.

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That is the “infrastructure” repository that explains how our web stuff (this forum, the website, the bugtracker etc) is hosted. It won’t tell you anything about the OS itself.

I have been working on some documentation about the internals at Welcome to Haiku internals’s documentation! — Haiku internals documentation but that is very incomplete at the moment.

The BeOS documents should be mostly relevant still, even if there are a few differences.