Docker Open Source Support

Haiku uses Docker containers for its website, so maybe we could consider filling out an application to see how Docker can support Haiku:

As said on their website:

Docker is committed to supporting the open source community and we thank our open source community for their contributions. Please complete our application to get more information about how Docker can support your open source project on Docker Hub.

Would this be suitable for Haiku and should someone (maybe someone managing the websites) apply?

Docker is a technology that relies on Linux containers. ie. c-groups and namespaces.

Haiku as an OS would not be able to run inside a docker container, because docker is not a hypervisor.

On the other side of things docker can’t run on Haiku because of all the missing kernel bits that would be needed. Basically the Haiku team would have to reimplement Linux container technology in the Haiku kernel for docker to work on Haiku

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Running Haiku (the OS) in Docker would need a lot of work and might not be worth the effort, but I was referring to how the Haiku websites use Docker. Since they have a program that assists FOSS projects we might be able to gain some benefit from applying.

Someone from Rust pointed out that Redox is doing builds of their native software in Docker.
After a few moments, i arrived at the “wait what?” phase. (redox isn’t Linux)

It seems like they’re booting Redox within qemu within a container to do software builds in a native environment.

I don’t have the bandwidth, but someone should peep at it :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if it’s genius or insanity.