Dockbert Setting/Usage

I am a user of Dockbert. I have never been able to find or get into the “Settings” for Dockbert.

Does anyone know how? Also, I can add a program to the dock but can’t seem to figure out how to remove it if I want to. I’ve tried a “right” mouse click. I’ve tried to “drag” the icon off the dock… nada. I would also like to try out some of the other things seen in the screenshot. Like adding/removing tabs, auto-hide and maybe putting the dock somwhere else but the bottom. Any insite would be appricated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try dragging it to the Trash.

Most of the preferences code has been commented out. Even if you could get the window to open it probably wouldn’t do anything.

Well drat on the prefs window.

I can confirm that dragging to the trash does not work. The main issue I run into, other than no prefs, is that if I end up with a program on the dock that I don’t want there. I have to go into ~config/Settings and delete the dock setting file. This does remove the program, but it also removes everthing and I have to setup the dock from scratch again. It doesn’t happen too often but it is a bummer when it does. Maybe someone will take a look at the prefs.

Thanks for your response. At least I know it isn’t a “me” problem.

Are you dragging it to the trash that’s in the dock itself? Not the trash on the Desktop.

Also, I see that you can control the preferences via the scripting API. To see the options for example:

hey DockBert getsuites of Window 0

and to get or modify one of the settings:

hey DockBert get DrawOuterFrame of Window 0

hey DockBert set DrawOuterFrame of Window 0 to 'bool(false)'

YES! YES!! So at part of this was idiot user syndrome. Using the dock trash works great. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’'ll try the hey commands

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thanks for the tips

I had a few minutes to toy around with the hey commands before work. Apparently setting the dock to a different location is disabled in this build. You can test it with:

hey DockBert set DockLocation of Window 0 to top

Autohide does appear to be functioning but I haven’t tried to change the speed of it:

hey DockBert set AutoHide of Window 0 to 'bool(true)'

Tabs can’t be managed via the scripting API, however they can be created by holding the Control key and dragging something that has already been put on the dock.

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Ya, I was able to turn on AutoHide but not able to move it to a different location. I realize that DockBert isn’t the most popular thing in HaikuDept. But maybe we can get lucky and someone will update the rest of it to work in Haiku. But, I have more control now then I did and I am gratefull for that.

Instead of hey, you can use Kottan to modify settings more easily. Just open it and drop dock_settings file in the window. Note that, at the opposite of the hey method, DockBert must be closed before proceeding.

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Oh wow, that is a really cool tool. Thanks :slight_smile: