Do Intel N95 work perfectly with Haiku?

do intel n95 work perfect with Haiku?

i realize it is the most popular cpu in alibabagroup website market.

anyone test it?

I wouldn’t bet on it. We have seen recently on the forum that Haiku can have troubles with ‘new’ celeron, like overheating but not only . So, it could have same kind of problems but it could also work like a charm. Did you check bug tracker to see if there were some bugs reported already?

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I tested only a N100 (12th gen Alder Lake) and it wasn’t So good

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  • wifi didn’t work
  • display worked but it displays at 90° and haiku has no screen rotation feature unfortunately
  • also after a while it crashed (half screen became white and debugger showed up)

I didn’t investigate further as the screen rotation issue has not solution until this feature is added in the OS. This is more specific to this machine than to the N95 / N100.

any system log to describe the problem?

I need to try again and get the logs. Not sure how I can do it without installing. Guess I will try to make a partition and install even if I know I can never use it with rotated screen .

If you’re booting from an USB pendrive or SD card… you can simply start in Desktop mode.

There you can run listdev -d > listdev_verbose.txt to get a nice .txt with the info about all your devices, and you can also make a copy of the /var/log/syslog file.

If networking works on that machine, you can “upload” them right away. If you have no network access there, but have another Haiku (or even “modern” Linux install), plug the pendrive there to access your syslog and listdev_verbose.txt files.

Or you could also create a small FAT32 partition right next to the Haiku partition on the pendrive/SD (you can do so with DriveSetup when tryiing it in “Desktop mode”…, mount that partition in read/write, and move/copy the files there… so then you can easily access them from almost any PC on the planet.

Hope it help. Good luck!