Do Haiku NVidia drivers work with BeOS?

I’ve been setting up a BeOS machine to re-live my younger days. Its based on a Abit ip35 MB, Promise Ultra100tx with a CF drive. Installation went very smoothly but I have two issues id like to overcome if possible.

First, shutting down or rebooting continues to the last stage, but doesn’t manage to turn the computer off or allow for rebooting after clicking reboot on the dialogue box. The power button works so not a biggy, it would just be nice to sort out if possible.

Second, is my NVidia 7950 graphics card. No problems in Haiku, but no working drivers for BeOS that I’ve found. Is it possible to transfer the nvidia driver and accelerant from Haiku to BeOS? If so, where? I ran the Haiku nvidia .pkg on BeOS and it appeared to install, but unlike for Haiku, in BeOS it didn’t work.

At the moment I’m using the boot ram limiter thanks to Extract zbeos boot loader from image

And also big thank you to the author of this blog post

And the software archived by Pulkomandy

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modern haiku drivers from r1b1 up, they do not work with beis

You could try the old drivers posted at my site:

Don’t know if these binaries will work with beos though.

Your card is about the last type that I added support for back then.


Thank you for this information.

@rudolfc. Thank you for all your hard work and achievements (and for a very informative website).

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Worked like a blast back then on a 21inch RGB monitor :smiley:

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