Distribute haiku + with extra hpkg

Hi all,
i have idea when haiku beta release… i want to share/distribute haiku with special selected application +other non-packaged application - for non commercial purpose

  • haiku - ultimate edition = contain qt5 selected apps, lazarus ide, jdk, some-java apps, our crafted wallpaper… etc…so our friend no need to extra download the apps from depot again…
  • haiku - children edu edition… contain children/education application… etc

so we can show to our friend about our beloved OS with application that we choose for them… without need to connect to internet at first time, because maybe his device cannot connect to internet (yet)…

sorry if this have been discussed before… i try to find first on forum (but no similar topic found)

is this allowed? and legal? and any guide to do this “the right way”?

You cannot use the name Haiku:

“Anyone is able to freely use the code that comprises Haiku®, however the trademarks of Haiku cannot freely be used in the same liberal manner.”

you can find more on this here: http://www.haiku-inc.org/trademarks.html

If they do the installer like beos, you can select from a list of programs during the Installation process.

I does not know if you can select programs from an other device (CD, DVD…) using the installer.

I think you should not thinking about sharing haiku before r1. But you can create a own installer and merge them with a shared Iso, including apps for people who need it for Installation on not Internet connected computers. But here you need to know every dependencies of each program.

Creating a distribution just for added packages isn’t worth the effort IMO. Why not just zip up all the HPKGs you want to add? Have the users unpack somewhere on the /boot volume and add a script that moves all HPKG to /system/packages.

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i’m just thinking for easy installation with extra software… because not all computer can connect internet… and not thinking about distribution like linux distro…

thanks for your suggestion, maybe you right. i’ll have to patiently waiting r1 …

Well, they will have to get the Haiku anyboot ISO from somewhere. Probably downloaded from their other OS. They’ll just have to download your zipped up HPKGs then, too…

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But He can get learning some yab and creating a Software Browser for the Iso Image too :wink:

Something like the game CDs from zeta in the past

The possibilities are endless… :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to add a cd as repository into haikudepot?

sorry … i dont get it… i’m never try zeta yet… so i dont know what you mean…

i’m happy to know tooo :slight_smile:

Ok, create a gui there you Show All packages included your Iso Image. Add this gui as ‘start’ or ‘install’ beside the packages too. The user Mount your Iso as CD or file and select the gui. Here the user can browse the packages and then install by double-click

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@mazbrili, you could create a simple bash script that installs all your selected packages. It is very easy to write, and easy to run. That way, once the system is up and running the user just needs to run that script. Just need to name it something easy and straightforward, and make it executable.

Other option is to do an install from your installed box. Just install to an USB key and the installation will add the apps you have already installed on your box, this if I recall correctly.


Yab is a Script too :).

I think you need an http repo to use pkgman. But maybe it’s possible to use a file:// URL too? Curl should accept that?

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Good day,

@lelldorin, I did not know that!.. This only proves that I still have plenty of things to learn about Haiku… :smile:


I guess i would fire a temporary http server (poorman or python http server as module), but after asking myself about curl too, seems like it worked.

I curl-ed a file from my home user directory to stdout just fine :+1:

thanks all for suggestion…:+1::+1::+1: i will try and choose what most fitted for my situation…

It does indeed accept that; and when we switch to using libnetapi, it will also support Gopher. :smiley: