Display rotation

I have a display I can rotate 90 degrees into portrait mode. Does Haiku provide a way to configure output for this kind of setup?


  • Ed

I’m afraid none of Haiku’s drivers support that feature yet. I think the Radeon driver might be the only actively developed one at the moment. If you have a Radeon card and file an enhancement ticket at the bugtracker, you could be lucky if the developer (kallisti) finds the time and specifications…

Though I’m not sure at all if driver support is all that’s lacking. The app_server may have to now about that as well…


In-fact, if you don’t include sensing the rotation of the screen, then all the rotations can be done in app-server by doing a transformation of the x-y coordinates.

You would have to add the option to rotate into the preference ‘SCREEN’.

It does not sound hard to do for a single screen app-server. But the changes being made to support multiple screens and video cards may make this a lot harder to support.

OK, thanks to both of you for your replies.

  • Ed