Display resolution on laptop

Installation of HAIKU went like a charm. Laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo mobile V5515. Biggest issue of this machine is the crappy SiS graphics, which makes it quite unusable for Windows or even Linux. From that I am very happy to see how good HAIKU is running. The LCD has the native resolution of 1280x800px. I had not recognized for a while that my actual display is set to 1280x768px. There is also no entry in the display preferences showing the native 1280x800px. Guess, we have here an issue with values given by the acpi tables. I like to get some advice where I can go deeper into this subject. Is there a way to inject a DSDT.aml file during boot?

Why ACPI tables? The video resolution is read from the VESA BIOS. There is a VESA BIOS call “give me the resolutions you can handle” and we get a list of resolutions. VESA does not allow to set any resolutions that are not in this list. No way to set a custom mode.

So, if the manufacturer of your laptop did not include the correct video mode in the list, there is not much we can do…

But! We have a way to cheat.

The idea is that we are not running the VESA BIOS directly from the video card. We can copy it elsewhere in RAM and run it from there. And once we have it in RAM, we can patch it to fix bugs in it, change its videomode list, and so on. This is not implemented in Haiku yet, but it could be done. See https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/10570

Oh, Thanks for the info. I had in mind some entries in the acpi tabels labeled LCD and CRT. Those do not deal with the resolution.