Display Folder Size in Tracker

Just a small thing that really bugs me-No OS that I have come across so far displays the size of a folder in the navigation window. I know that it takes much longer to calculate, but is it possible to display the size of a folder in Tracker the same way as it does for files?

Hey, Finally, an idea I can stand behind myself
Every OS that list 0 for folder size bugs me

If your looking at folders, you usually have a reason
As in, your looking, you need to know, your wondering how much space something takes
If it takes 1 more second to list folder size, it would be worth it

Yes I hate this too!

The folder size is 0 and then you see on it and there is 1 TB of files…

I think for Haiku should must be more simple to have this information usign it’s attributing system…

Never thought about this before, but definitely this should be default behaviour. I don’t care how big the folder itself is, but how big it is with all its contents.

I would like the size to be shown also, in real time if possible.

Also i would like the icon to be like the trashcan. When no file are in it, the icon would not have the paper in it.