Discourse Upgrade from 2.6.5 to 2.7.3

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that the software that is powering this site is now upgraded from version 2.6.5 to version 2.7.3.

The update ran pretty smoothly (as they always do), but please do comment if you encounter any issues. If you cannot log your comment here, go to the issue tracker and log an issue under the Website component.

Have a look at the Discourse blog post to learn more about new features. Do note that the administrators of this website may not configure/enable all of these.


Thanks for the maintenance work!

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I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing issues connecting to the forum. My connection to the haiku home site is fine with all browsers. However, when I try to go the the forum, it’s extremely slow and the only browser that I can connect reliably with the forum is Webpositive. This issue has just started today.

I have been unable view these forums from Android phone (chrome browser) today.
Works OK from Firefox on PC.
On Android, I get the ‘Haiku Community’ banner, then just a blank white page.

My Android 10 phone doesn’t complain under Brave browser but the edit window is full-screen instead of half-screen as it was earlier. Not a big problem but I do have to read the thread carefully before I reply because I cannot read the thread on the top half of the screen.

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I have the same issue under Firefox on Android 10. The reply/edit window takes up the entire page instead of just half of it. Other than that, though, the upgrade doesn’t appear to have produced any issues for me.

About the fullscreen issue: I understand that the intended design is that it only becomes fullscreen when the keyboard is open

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Is it still ongoing today?

I just did a fresh install of hrev-55145 x86_64 and still have the same issue with QtWebkit browsers. The only one’s that will slowly load the forum are Webpositive and Netsurf.

The issue is present in Otter, Qutebrowser, Quartz, Qupzilla, Arora and Dooble, (with javascript enabled). Dooble I also tested with no javascript and it allowed the forum to load.

edit: I just tested using Quartz and if I disabled javascript it would also load the forum. This issue I’ve noticed on a couple other websites. for example nbcnews.com

Working on Android phone today, after updating Chrome to latest version.

After the upgrade, I only get a blank page when visiting the forum.

Waterfox 56.2.11 on Windows 7.