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What exactly is wrong with IRC clients? These newfangled apps are also just a listing of boxes (more or less ugly and sucking space like discord as one example) with text in it. But where these clients stop at (useless) notification stuff spamming your inbox IRC has actual commands which add value to it. I’m not talking about DC here, although something like this discord and can only dream off.

I am sorry but I was wrong. I meant that this could be the another way to talk with community NOT for replacement of IRC.


https://t.me/haiku leads to some chat in Arabic which obviously isn’t about Haiku OS.
https://t.me/haikuos leads to Haiku OS related channel but it’s empty

I’ve seen Haiku OS-related chat on @3dEyes’s screenshots when he announced porting of Telegram client is done, so the chat definitely exists…

What exactly is wrong with IRC clients? These newfangled apps are also just a listing of boxes
(more or less ugly and sucking space like discord as one example) with text in it.

If it was only text in it, indeed none will be better than IRC.
But modern instant chat messaging system does more than text only:

  • push notifications
  • easy image, video and document sharing
  • easy to search a channel history
  • bot API
  • inline API
  • stronger authentification

It’s like GUI vs CLI. At the roots, CLI can do the same than most of GUI apps.
But when it comes to easily share visual content, be more event-driven than command-driven, GUI does more, or at least does it more intuitively.

I likes IRC, but I find Telegram for instance more easy to use on a daily basis from whatever platform I’m on along my day.


Only problem with these media things is that people start spamming images and videos. I’ve seen various chat rooms on different platforms and sooner or later it looks like 4chan more than anything else :pensive:

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Telegram : search for @haiku_os
Or follow this link:


Dunno for others, but at least on Telegram have moderators support.

Tere are some few things about irc, to configurar on other sytsm than haiku. But at the end it just. Work but to me is hard to haveareally goo. Clie t as visión on linux.

It is not much different from this forum vs the good old mailing lists, in fact.

This doesn’t mean you have to try stopping every attempt at bringing new communication channels just to satisfy your ego.

Those days it’s a pity Haiku doesn’t have an official telegram channel. Same apply for youtube and other places.

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Fragmentation of community is as bad as not having one. Besides the quality of the community in such places is often questionable. Sticking to valuable community in fewer places is not stupid but a viable path.


There’s no danger in fragmenting the community.

Not everyone, especially those days is willing or has enough confidence to use IRC or mailing lists. But besides that, it seems that creating new communication channels is something bad.

For me it is the exact contrary. While it doesn’t necessarily mean changing the official channels, we should welcome those initiatives. This is sign of a vital project which after all want to go forward. I’d be very worried if people didn’t propose things like that.

But the main thing I’ve been trying to say is that we know developers like certain communication channels, but this doesn’t mean users should be forced to do so.
As an example, I never joined a telegram chat and don’t intend to do so anytime soon.

The project should try to welcome any initiative like that, because it’s a good sign and not a bad one.

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…if we all will switch to telegram.
Which definitely will not happen!

And if it happens, let’s welcome it. That means times are changing.

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As an example, I never joined a telegram chat and don’t intend to do so anytime soon

As an example, I never join a discord channel and don’t intend to do so anytime soon, since it derails into 4chan too soon.

Something which applies to next all the “new media channels” I’ve seen so far. We need community, not 4chan raised to the power of 10.

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I’m pretty sure when XMPP appeared, someone said something similar. No one force you to use discord, but please distinguish between your likes and the likes of others.

For me you can join whatever you want, but please try to not be so reticent with new initiatives. As said I’m the first to dislike a lot of chat and social services, but there’s no need to be the grampa every day.

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I did not try to stop anything. In fact I am active on the Telegram group mentionned earlier. I just had 2 points:

  1. I was wondering why I should consider joining that new Discord thing,
  2. I am worried that there would be many small communities and it is hard to reach out to everyone. It makes it hard to track “where to get in touch with people”. It annoys me to spend more time per day checking telegram + irc + mailing list + forums, when I would prefer having all of this in a single place. I live with it, however.

As usual, relevant xkcd:

As for official channels, there are at least 2 official youtube channels, and what would be needed to make the haiku_os channel on Telegram official? Is it just listing it on the website? Because that’s easily done by anyone.


Lately I was thinking about this more. IRC should always remain the main communication channel for Haiku, but having an official Discord chat room and bridging it to the #haiku IRC channel would not be a bad idea. Similarly, other Haiku IRC channels could also be bridged to their Discord equivalents.

For comparison, Serenity OS has nearly 5000 members on Discord. We like it or not, it is convenient for most people, and would help in expanding Haiku user/developer base.

Discord is evil and shouldn’t be used,period.
I know I keep repeating myself,but as long as people are pushing free software communities into proprietary walled-gardens,I feel like I have to.
What SerenityOS has done to their community is the main reason why I do not actively communicate with the project,only try the source code out from time to time and that’s all.
If some people create a unofficial Discord room,then I personally think that’s a bad idea,but I don’t have to care any further.
If there comes a bridge that takes everything I say on the open-source IRC protocol and throws it into that proprietary walled-garden,I’ll leave the chat.
It would be very sad because it’s a great place to ask a quick question that isn’t worth a forum thread,especially while learning to write native open-source Haiku programs.
I also think that IRC is outdated,but there are great open-source alternatives.
If you want something like Discord,but without the proprietary walled-garden,have a look at Matrix: https://matrix.org and their recommended client Element: https://element.io
You can already join the official Haiku channel from there: #haiku:matrix.org
You have the choice which server and which client you use,it’s an open standard and it’s actively used by a growing number of individuals,open-source projects,governments,schools,…
If you want something that is exactly Discord,but open-source,then have a look at Nertivia: https://nertivia.net
It’s not decentralized,everyone would have to use the same server (so preferably that would be hosted by the Haiku project) but at least nobody is forced to give their data to Discord,where they scan everything (and yes,I mean literally everything!) and there’s a chance to make a native Haiku client application some day,because it’s open-source.
Some more sources why Discord sucks:

I don’t want to be rude or always be so negative,but open-source projects should use open-source and in times when more and more proprietary bullshit gets replaced by libre alternatives,we really don’t need something like Discord.
Please think about it,or at least be so nice and don’t grab the data from IRC users and give it to Discord.


Yeah, right, unfortunately it does not work like that for most people. People like to use the newest shiny thing with most features and the most convenient one.

Limiting the means of joining the project on purely ideological reasons is plain silly and stupid, it’s just restraining yourself, nothing more. If you don’t like it, don’t join and keep using the main IRC, problem solved. No one is arguing to disband the IRC channel.

You do not make any sense, and sound plain funny; like a child trying to keep other children from the playground.

Serenity IRC channel was mostly around 400 people IIRC, now they have nearly 5000 members, and their Git repository is getting commits on magnitudes of tens each day.

Is it evil if it is for a good cause, on this case getting more interested parties on Haiku?